Reasons Why Dean Pollard is the Bomb(dotcom)

Last week it was announced that Transy’s Vice President and Dean of the College, Dean Pollard, is taking a sabbatical leave of absence and then plans to return to teach as a member of the English program.

This is, of course, sad because Dean Pollard is resigning as dean, but it’s also really exciting for the English program, because they get one super cool medievalist as a part of their department. SO, I would just like to take a second to list all of the reasons why Dean Pollard is one of my favorite people on this campus, and why I’m SUPER glad he’ll only be gone for a little bit.

  1. Dean Pollard was my adviser for my first and sophomore year of college. I don’t know of many other places where your first adviser is the Vice President and Dean of the College, but that, to me, is a pretty big deal. My grandparents were pretty impressed too.
  2. Dean Pollard went to Centre College, but works at Transylvania University. While it is kind of true that Transy and Centre have a friendly rivalry amongst their students, you will never hear an unkind word from Dean Pollard about his alma mater. Dean Pollard is a fan of the liberal arts education, period, and has truly convinced me that a liberal arts education will serve me better in life than any other degree I could have considered going into college.
  3. Dean Pollard is a medievalist. Medievalism (according to Wikipedia…shhhh!) is the system of belief and practice characteristic of the Middle Ages, or devotion to elements of that period. How many medievalists do you know?! I KNOW ONE. Not only is Dean Pollard a medievalist, he can also convince you that Beowulf is not a snooze of a read, and that you are an incomplete person if  you haven’t already read it. 🙂
  4. Dean Pollard came to the opening night of the show that I directed! While he could have gone home and read Beowulf some more, he chose to come to my show. President Williams and Dean Pollard both came to the opening night of my show. That was one of the top  ten moments of my experiences here at Transy… the top members of our administration coming to the first night of a student directed show? Hellooooo, awesome Transy support system.
  5. Dean Pollard has an iPhone. How many medievalists do you know with an iPhone? You’ll know one if you come to Transy. 🙂
  6. Dean Pollard makes fun of me ALL. THE. TIME. While I admit, I regularly have it coming, I don’t always expect a joke or hint of sarcasm to come from Dean Pollard in my direction… but it does, and it’s funny.

If you come to Transy next year, Dean Pollard will still be on sabbatical. But when he comes back here, and he starts teaching, you should definitely take his class. If I’m still in Lextown, there won’t be a lot stopping me from taking it.

In all seriousness, Dean Pollard is one of the most genuine people I have ever met, and I have learned from him, more than anyone, why Transylvania University is such an amazing educational institution. It is because of people on the faculty and staff like Dean Pollard who are committed to lifelong learning and using what you learn to better yourself that make learning at Transy that much more fulfilling of an experience.