From Lexington to New York City

New York City

Since I live in Lexington, I rarely get anything in campus mail. However, when I went and checked my mail this morning there was a great surprise in there.

I have been appointed to serve on the National Advisory Committee for a national conference. I really thought that I was dreaming. Especially since I did not originally want to or think that I could get this position.

I have designed a major in cultural relations in American education, and through the work of my advisors and the administration, I have been sent to the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in American Higher Education. Once as a participant and then the second time as a student scholar and presenter. In talking with my advisor about the experience and how much i enjoyed it, they encouraged me to become an active part of the organization.

I must admit that the process was very overwhelming, but through encouragement and a little hard work, I have been appointed as the student representative for the student and student affairs committee. This is extremely exciting because this is what I want to do for a living.  My career path has begun.

The school and advisors have not only encouraged me to participate and apply. They have also helped with financial contributions. Last year, the conference was in wonderful San Fran, through the support of many offices on campus which are motivated to help our students get national experience the trip to San Fran only cost me $100 half of that was from having to check bags.

So at the end of May, this Kentucky boy will be traveling to the Big Apple as a representative of the Transy Committee. Not only is this an honor to Transy, but I am also the first person from the state to ever serve on this committee!!!