¡Gracias Profesora Contreras!

Okay, I know this is no longer seasonal, but it’s still exciting.

Spanish 'sweethearts' candy

On February 13 (last Monday), I arrived to my Spanish II class expecting to go over our homework (la tarea) and learn more rules about conjugating preterite verbs.We did do those things, but Profesora Contreras surprised us with una fiesta for el Día de San Valentín!  She brought those candy hearts with little phrases on them — only in Spanish! (I didn’t even know they made those!), soda, chocolate pretzels, and other snacks popular in Spanish-speaking countries.

After we finished our work, we were free to grab a plate full of snacks and make Valentines for our friends/loved ones. On the overhead, Profesora Contreras wrote several appropriate, and wonderfully cheesy, phrases en español for us to write on our cards. She brought construction paper, markers, and everything!

I am still so amazed that such holiday parties exist in the college classroom. We were lucky to talk our teachers into them in high school, but I would have never thought a university professor would provide all the goodies themselves! Sure, it was not really taken seriously. But it provided a wonderful break amidst all the work we had been doing in the class so far, all the while learning applicable vocabulary phrases like amor a primera vista (love at first sight).

I suppose this is another benefit of having small class sizes. When your professor gets to know every student, I would think that they would be more flexible with the schedule, making time for fun activities. (Plus bringing snacks and supplies for twenty students is way easier than for two hundred!)

Anyways, this was such a fun way to spend class, and it definitely brightened everyone’s day. I felt so lucky to be at a school where such cheesy parties exist. Hopefully there will be more of them to come 😉