My Favorite Local Spot

Third Street Stuff in Lexington

The first time I stepped inside Third Street Stuff, I knew I would be back.

I was doing my overnight visit at Transylvania and our hosts were giving us a walking-tour of downtown. We stopped by the small establishment for a drink. My eyes were moving all around as I attempted to take in everything about the busy building: the magnetic poetry walls, brightly painted chairs, currencies from various countries over the doorway, original artwork hanging everywhere, and all kinds of interesting people.

From then on, every time my family visited our relatives in Lexington, or I visited Transy, we stopped by Third Street Stuff. Not only do they have a neat restaurant (a hip, colorful, coffee-and-sandwich kind of place), but attached to it is the most random, wonderful store. On several occasions, I have stopped by and just browsed through for an hour.There is something new every time. There are books, jewelry, bags, scarves, trinkets, eco-friendly and recycled products, magnets, and so much more. I’ve gotten several birthday and Christmas gifts for friends here — I’ll take any occasion to come back!

Inside Third Street Stuff - All rights reserved by AllanThinks

Today, I’m at Third Street Stuff for dinner. I saw on Facebook that they, along with Stella’s Kentucky Deli (another local favorite of mine) and Al’s Bar (never been there) were participating in “Dine Out for the Mountains,” as a part of Lexington Loves Mountains Week. These three restaurants will be donating 10% of their proceeds today to Kentuckians for the Commonwealth. A great excuse to take a break from homework for a change of pace, right? I thought so.

Third Street Stuff is just one of many places in Lexington that have this cool ambiance. This is common of places in a college town, yes, but here, you can have the awesome originality of Third Street Stuff while still having all the chains and big stores you could need.

Best of all, Third Street Stuff is within walking distance! You can almost see it from Transy’s athletic fields. (Okay, I didn’t walk tonight, but it’s freezing.) That means there is no excuse to not stop by!

When you come down to visit, make sure to ask your Admissions Ambassador to tell you how to get there, and if you’re coming for an overnight visit, ask your host to take you!

Check out Third Street Stuff on their website or Facebook page!