From ‘The Bubble’ to The Super Bowl

Image via Wikimedia

Transy Bubble – noun: The favored name for the area of Lexington, Ky. inhabited by the campus of Transylvania University playing homage to the close-knit community that often makes one forget about the outside world. Synonyms: Campus

I hope you guys enjoyed the Super Bowl, or, if you’re like me, the commercials! Though I don’t normally care about professional football, I love moments, such as this, when our entire country and smaller communities within it come together around one common thing. It just kind of gives me a good feeling.

I had a bit of a celebration unrelated to the face-off between The Patriots and Giants, I had a watch party for a commercial that I helped produce. I never, in any of my wildest dreams, would have imagined that I would have ever done anything with commercials, let alone a Super Bowl Sunday commercial, but it happened and I’m still freaking out about it!

Transy really encourages students to take part in internships, and even gives academic credit (up to three times!) for it. So about this time last year I started looking, and my search eventually led me to the internship that I’ve held for nine months now with Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing North America. (The Toyota company that’s in charge of making, designing and research and development for American built models.) I work in External Affairs, which coordinates national media, community and government relations related to the North American manufacturing facilities. Anyway, back in October one of my assistant managers approached me and let me in on what was, at the time, a secret: Toyota would be filming a commercial, about the Camry, in Georgetown, Ky. He asked if I’d be willing to help facilitate filming and casting for the commercial.

Uh, yeah I would!

Now, I admit my role was minimal. An ad agency was hired to film, direct and write the commercial. My job was to help coordinate the filming with the plant schedule and to make sure those filming didn’t get lost. I also helped during casting. The commercial was cast entirely of actual team members so I, and others in my group, went throughout the plant trying to find people with great stories about Camrys.

It involved quite a few hours though, and I even worked on a Saturday when production was down. The entire process was awesome. It was such a surreal feeling to see the finished product today broadcast to an audience of millions. Needless to say, this pioneer was proud.

One of the best parts came about a week ago when I could finally break my months of silence and start telling people. I posted a video of the commercial on Facebook and received so much positive feedback, over 40 ‘likes.’ The vast majority of this from Transy people. I even had professors stop me in the halls over the next few days to congratulate me. It was pretty awesome.

If you haven’t seen the commercial, I definitely encourage you to check it out: