Chinese New Year

Making the dumplings for the Chinese Spring Festival

The Chinese Spring Festival is the first day of the first lunar month each year. The Spring Festival is our biggest celebration of the year, just like Christmas in the United States. It was January 23 this year, and was one of the most unforgettable holidays for me because I celebrated it with dozens of Chinese in Lexington.I only participated in preparing dumplings because making spring rolls is beyond my cooking skill! 🙂

In case you are not familiar with Chinese dumplings, I will offer a brief introduction. Chinese dumpling consists of meat and vegetable stuffing wrapped into a thin piece of dough, and is sealed by pressing the edges together. Dumplings symbolize wealth, and are shaped like ancient gold ingots. They are served on the New Years Eve with fish. This is because fish share the pronunciation with surplus in Chinese. Believe it or not, it is our tradition to put a coin in a dumpling, because we believe that whoever has the dumpling with a coin in it will accumulate wealth in the upcoming year!

Finished dumplings!

I first used to a rolling pin to make dumpling wraps. Before I got tired of making wraps, I switched to stuffing and sealing the dumplings. Stuffing and sealing, however, was not easy. In order to fill up the dumplings and make them look like gold ingots, I tore apart several wraps. So I had to use another dumpling skin to wrap around the broken one. I wondered who the “lucky” one was to enjoy my double-wrapped dumplings! 🙂

After cooperating with about fifty people for an hour, we finally finished making dumplings. We all enjoyed our dinner, and I am glad that I did not have the double-wrapped dumplings because they did not taste as delicious as the other ones! Haha…

Fang Junyan, a first-year Chinese student at Transy, was so kind and volunteered to sing for us, which made our dinner more enjoyable.