Welcome to the Transylvania Admissions student blog!

After months of planning, designing and brainstorming, we’re happy to finally debut “Write on Broadway” featuring nine of our current Transylvania student bloggers and their authentic, unedited experiences. It’s important that you find the right fit for you, so what better way than to see into the lives of our students?

While you may think starting a blog requires a few clicks and a name, we found it to be much more difficult than imagined.

First, we needed a catchy name. Not only did we need something fun, but something that represents our campus and students, and is unique to our community. So what did we do? We asked our students. Our Admissions Ambassadors took the streets to find some of the best blog names. We even posted a poll to our Facebook and Twitter followers to help us in our decision. Truly, this was a community effort!

Now, not all of the blog names were posted for voting. In fact, we had many more recommendations. Some were good and some were….well, not so great.

I present to you, the rejected names for the Transylvania admissions blog, featuring some of the well-known locations on campus:

  • Haupting Across the Woods
  • Van Old Morrison
  • Tales from the Crypt
  • Let’s go Cowgill tipping
  • Bones in the Basement
  • Vampire Weekly
  • Haupt I Met Your Mother
  • Forrer-t Knox

Ultimately, we felt “Write on Broadway” was not only clever, but highlighted a unique presence on campus: our location on North Broadway, directly in the heart of Lexington, between the academic and residential sides of campus. We hope this blog will bridge the lives our students lead socially and academically, providing you with a well-rounded picture of what it’s like to be a student at Transylvania.

We hope you enjoy this blog and use the words of our students to your advantage, and hopefully, help you in your college decision.


Transylvania University
Office of Admissions