The Early Pioneer Call

Sam Crankshaw

If you’re moving into your senior year of high school, you’ve likely already toured a campus, or at least started thinking about where you’d like to go to college and what you might like to study. Take a word of advice from me: it’s never too early to start on your applications and begin the process.

I started looking way before my junior year and started to get serious with a couple places in the spring of my junior year. Many places, including Transylvania, have early decision and priority deadlines. At Transylvania, if you apply by December 1 your senior year of high school, you will be considered for premier scholarships that can cover a great deal of your tuition and you will receive notice of your acceptance and scholarships before everyone else.

Transylvania is a member of the Common Application and has no application fee. There is no annual application release that you have to wait for form Transy, and there’s not $75 fee attached to your application.

Go ahead and get started on your application. Nothing feels better than hitting the submit button at the bottom of your application. If you start sooner, your essays can be more developed, you can relax a little more, you can meet that deadline, and you can be a Transy Pioneer! Continue reading

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Wayfaring Senior – Searching for Your Path

Rachel Morgan

This is my final post as a junior.

Hoo, boy, that was scary to type. I think I technically became a senior credits-wise a semester ago, but I’m on track to graduate May 2015, and now suddenly I’m a senior. It’s scary and new and suddenly I don’t know what to expect. I am no longer a child. I’m 21, I’m a senior in college and suddenly I can see a huge future stretching ahead of me. There’s a lot of choices I’m about to make, a lot to face, stand against or for, and suddenly I’m feeling very small.

Did I see myself here when I was going into my senior year of high school? No. I was in a state much like I am now – frightened, nervous, stomach twisted into knots as I gazed at an uncertain future. Where was I going? What was I doing? And for heaven’s sake, who put me behind the wheel of my life and forgot to teach me how to drive?

I’ve been in a few fender-benders, maybe even a wreck or two. But to all you rising high-school seniors, let me tell you – even without a GPS, you’re going to make it through just fine.

College applications can be scary. Listen – do them early. Early application deadlines often put you in the running for the biggest scholarships and can help you not stress out a lot during Christmas all the way to graduation. A lot of schools – Transy included – use the Common App online, which makes applying for multiple colleges easy and free. Check it out when you get the chance.

Visit campus. It is the best way to see where you feel at ease, at home. I loved coming to Transy’s campus because it was the first time I felt at ease, like I belonged at this school. I knew then and there that I was meant to come to Transy, and it could be just as easy for you to decide where you feel at home on a visit. Continue reading

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How to Use Social Media in Your College Search


I’m sure you’ve been told before that colleges are looking to your social media to check up on you as an applicant. From what I can tell, ain’t nobody got time for that.

A big part of my job as the Digital Recruitment Coordinator at Transylvania is to connect with students on social media. Let me say that again, I’m here to connect with students, not to stalk you to find that stupid tweet or suggestive Instagram.  Really you’re lucky. You’re looking at colleges at a point in time when admissions offices, university officials, professors, and students are literally at your fingers. I’m here to help you in whatever way I possibly can, and I’m not alone. Pretty much every college and university has a presence on social media and that means there’s someone at the other end of the line waiting to answer your questions, to show you what you’re missing, remind you about important deadlines, and to connect you to the people you should know.

So how should you be using social media in your college search? It depends on where you are active and what you’re looking for.

  • Go ahead and like the university Facebook pages, but also check to see if the office of admissions has a page too – you’ll find a lot more information about the things that are important to you on an admissions specific page. There is no expectation that just because you like a university’s page that they think you’re for sure going to be a student. We also don’t stalk the people who like our page so don’t worry about that.
  • Search to see if there’s a “Class of [THE YEAR YOU’LL GRADUATE COLLEGE]” Facebook group. Groups like this will let you connect with other students who are considering the school.  There may not be a group until the first round of students are admitted but go ahead and check.  A lot of the time, current students are also members of these groups so you can ask them questions too.
  • Do you tweet? Look for university and admissions specific Twitter accounts. A lot of other organizations on campus might have a Twitter account as well. Follow the things that you want to be a part of, departments you’re interested in.  Twitter tends to be the most responsive platform. Want a quick answer – look to Twitter!  Tweet when you’re on campus to feel the love; tell us when you get your acceptance so we can celebrate with you!
  • All about Instagram? Follow us on Instagram. A lot of colleges have a strong presence on Instagram now which really lets you see what life looks like on a daily basis on campus. A lot of schools, like us, give up the accounts to complete student control so you can literally see campus through their eyes.
  • More about video? A lot of schools are on YouTube and some schools may be on Vine. Videos on YouTube range from showing you what a dorm on campus looks like to interviews with current students to helpful tips to showing you what the community feels like.  Subscribe to University and Admissions YouTube channels – there will be different content on different channels.

Don’t be afraid to really interact with us on social media, wherever you’re active. We know that social media is mostly used for social purposes but since you probably spend a bunch of time on your favorite platforms why not get some use out of them as college search tools too?  As always, know your privacy settings but don’t freak out about us stalking you to find your bad behavior online. We’re here as a resource to you, not as another impediment to you getting into college.

Questions? Always feel free to tweet at us at @beaPioneer or call the office at 859-233-8242.

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The Puppy Room

Rachel Morgan

Finals week is always stressful. Students are running about in worry, studying and/or cramming as much as possible, and often skipping meals to fit more studying in. Let’s face it: finals week stresses people out.

Transy has always done its best to fight stress with our Stress Fest, which is a set of activities offered throughout finals time every semester. Activities vary from sports games to free massages being offered in our campus center. There are smoothies in the Beck Center, games in the Campus Center, and of course, the Puppy Room.

The Puppy Room happens once during Stress Fest, but it’s one of the most popular activities on campus. Dogs are brought in by trainers or friends of the staff, and the students can pet, hug, carry or play with the dogs. For most of us, it’s a pretty wonderful way of relieving stress – I know I enjoy playing with the dogs, it makes me think of my own dog at home. Hugging a puppy and petting animals is shown to relieve stress in many studies, if you want to get into the science side of it, but frankly I know that puppies in general just brighten my day. They love to be petted, play with us, and I always hate to leave when it’s time for finals or studying more. I always leave with a smile on my face though, as do most of my friends.

Transy is always taking care of us, and bringing in the puppies is a wonderful way to help students relax a little in a time of year where every student’s micromanaging their lives. It’s amazing how much a little time with some puppies can lower your stress.


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Baptism by Fire: Not the Case at Transylvania

Sam Crankshaw

Starting college can be intimidating. I’m not sure if it’s more intimidating for us, meeting new people and taking harder classes, or for our parents who have to say goodbye and potentially become empty nesters.

At many schools, first-year students get a two to three day orientation and then get dumped into class. They don’t know the layout of the campus, where buildings are, who different professors are, or even who many of their classmates are. This is not the case at Transylvania.

Transylvania utilizes a unique program called August Term. It is a three week long program for all first-year students. You only have to take one class that meets once a day, five days a week. It is a great way to get to know a small groups of people (your August Term class) and the rest of you graduating class. In each August Term group there is what we call an August Term Scholar. This is an upperclassmen student who sits in on each class and helps the professor. You not only get to know your own class, but some older students as well. Continue reading

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Lexington to the Rescue


The other day, my best friend Ashley and I noticed that we were both just in a funk — you know, when nothing bad is actually happening, but for some reason you’re just not in a great mood. And we just couldn’t snap out of it for most of the afternoon. We were stuck. We just couldn’t think of something that would inspire us to get motivated again, but luckily, Lexington came through for us.

We had already been planning to go out to a local pizza restaurant Joe Bologna’s that night (because I had rediscovered a gift card for it in my room and we’re both pretty cheap). When we got there, there was a 30 minute wait, which only added to our unnecessary complaining (we really shouldn’t have been surprised because it was 6pm on a Saturday).

But not long after we ordered our pizza, we started to feel better. Not only does Joe B’s have delicious breadsticks to tide us over, but Ashley had an epiphany about what was causing our blah moods. “You know, we’ve just been killin’ it for so long — maybe we just expect everything to keep getting better and better, when things have to naturally slow down eventually.” Continue reading

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