Go GREECE-ed Lightning


Opportunities to travel abroad abound for students at Transylvania. Everyone on campus seems to have their own exhilarating story of zip-lining atop Panamanian tropical forests, cliff-diving in Italy, surmounting the Great Wall of China. Beyond mere scholastic value, experiences abroad allow for intimate encounters with cultures students would otherwise never come across. Which is all wonderful…albeit less wonderful when you, the recipient of these awesome anecdotes, have never, actually…you know…been out of the country. But that was before I spent a month in Greece, and now I have my very own “Most Interesting Man in the World”-esque stories of cross-continental merry making to add to the already robust canon of such tales.

Of course, I almost didn’t make it to Greece. Upon arriving to the Louisville airport- that is approximately two miles from my home- we discovered that my mothers passport had mysteriously replaced my own. After a total meltdown, my aunt came to the rescue and provided that golden ticket of identificationary documentation. 16 plus hours of travel time is not so bad when your non-refundable plane ticket almost becomes as valuable as a losing scratch off. If my interest and excitement been piqued beforehand, the adventuresome start made me that much more engaged. Upon landing in Athens, my group and I were thrust, quite literally, into a different world.

Similar to New York, the hub-bub of frantic daily business is tinged with an old world feel- a Footlocker displaying the newest array of Nike runners stands next to a dilapidated junk store- that sets a unique and thought-provoking ambiance. Staying in the Hotel Attalos, square in the heart of the city, my group of 28 were rapt, dumbfounded by the view; the Attalos has a completely unimpeded view of the ancient Parthenon, arguably the most famous and beautiful piece of architecture from ancient Greece. Mesmerizing and inspirational, the Parthenon, less ideally, represents a quizzical quandary for many Grecians and international observers alike, namely, how does a nation once resting atop the world’s totem pole, a nation that literally founded democracy, become the owner’s of the most impotent economy outside the developing world? Continue reading

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May Term, Play Term

Rachel Morgan

May Term is something that most people don’t understand. A month with only one class that you attend for two hours a day? How could anyone bear to sit still for that long? Wouldn’t you get bored of that class if you had to go to it every day for a hundred and twenty minutes?

To all of these, I must say no. In fact, I love May Term.

To most students of other schools, May Term is a concept unlike any other. They take 14-18 hours a semester, and there is no such thing as taking only one class at a time while still being a full time student. How is that possible? Well, every year we get nine credits – four during Fall Term, four during Winter Term, and the final one in May Term. It’s a system that we here at Transy have always enjoyed, and while it may sound odd to you, trust me, it’s amazing.

Everything in May Term is relaxed. You see a lot more students relaxing and resting out in Back Circle, playing volleyball or soccer or just relaxing on a towel reading. There’s a big dance competition between the sororities and fraternities call Campus Sing, and it’s amazing to go watch or take part in – this year one of the fraternities took home the first place medal. There’s a lot of time to relax, hang out with your friends, read a book or do whatever you please. Continue reading

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Does College Steal Your Friends?


Scary question, I know. It’s not one that I ever thought to ask when I started planning my collegiate future away from home. Three years later, I still don’t think it’s one worth worrying over, though for very different reasons.

Let me explain.

Skyler was my first Transy friend and we somehow haven't killed each other three years later. Here's us before the Orientation Olympics during our first week at Transy! Time flies...

Skyler was my first Transy friend and we somehow haven’t killed each other three years later. Here’s us before the Orientation Olympics during our first week at Transy! Time flies…

During my first year of college, I had annoyingly convinced myself that I didn’t need to invest much energy into making new friends on campus. I already had plenty of friends from home, so why bother starting the awkward mingling-to-get-to-know-people process over again? At the same time, though, I noticed that I had less and less in common with some of those old friends as the year progressed. We had all created new lives for ourselves on our respective campuses, which is totally normal.

Looking back, though, it makes perfect sense that most of us sorted drifted apart. We found new groups, new things to be involved in, and new cities to explore.

This beautiful group of friends went from not everyone knowing each other to hanging out regularly in less than two weeks. (This is us at Colin and Luke's fraternity's formal event at the end of the semester.) Can't wait for more fun nights of laughter with this group next year!

This beautiful group of friends went from not everyone knowing each other to hanging out regularly in less than two weeks. (This is us at Colin and Luke’s fraternity’s formal event at the end of the semester.) Can’t wait for more fun nights of laughter with this group next year!

I’m not trying to traumatize you, of course. While there are groups of friends from high school that may fade away as time goes on, there will still be some old friends that when you talk to them again, it’s as if no time has passed. And I’m so grateful to still have some of those, even after I’ve been in college for three years.

I bonded with Meaghan, Chelsea, and Rebecca when we spent last May term exploring London together!

I bonded with Meaghan, Chelsea, and Rebecca when we spent last May term exploring London together!

At the same time, don’t be scared about making new friends in college like I was. Sure, it’s intimidating. But so so exciting! Making a move to a totally new community like a college campus is the perfect opportunity to reinvent yourself, to start off the way you want, and make the kinds of friends you’ve always wanted but haven’t found yet. Continue reading

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Visiting’s Fun in the Summer Sun!

Rachel Morgan

We hear it from our parents all the time. “Visit schools!” “You need to go tour the campus when you apply!” Our school counselors push the same thing: visit colleges, tour the campuses, see how you feel there. It’s a lesson that is long drilled into our brain, but also something we tend to ignore. Visiting campus takes time, and time is something that many high school students don’t have between classes and extracurricular activities. Who can afford to take a day off of school when every teacher loads you done with homework?

Well, there’s a solution to that: come visit us in the summer! Transylvania University is one university that offers summer tours of our campus. We keep some of the Admissions Ambassadors here on campus during the summer; they work in their office, field calls from prospective students, answer questions and lead tours around campus all during the summer. I roomed with one of the Admissions Ambassadors (and fellow blogger) Emily Martin last summer, and she enjoyed when she got to lead tours and answer questions – and plenty of people came to tour and explore Transylvania University.

The experience will be different, of course – there will be few classes, a much smaller student population that are here when you tour. Continue reading

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Making the Most of Your Summer

Justine Yentsch

If you’re an incoming student, it may sound to early to think about you are going to do in your first college summer, but it’s always good to think ahead. Just as there are many ways to bolster your academic experience (and resume!) during the school year, there are also unlimited options over the summer, either through the school or through other organizations. I’ve already calculated the exact number of days I have in summer (102 days to be exact), and I fully plan to make the most of them so I have have stories to tell once I get back to campus for fall semester.

First off, whatever you’re doing, you should definitely be enjoying your summer. It’s a great opportunity to relax, get back to a normal sleep schedule, and visit old friends. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with doing absolutely nothing if that’s what makes you happy and prepares you for the school year. But even if it’s just taking a roadtrip or crossing things off a summer bucket list, it’s always good to keep things interesting, otherwise the months might be pretty boring.

Some people head off to foreign countries, either with a study abroad program or with their family. You can immerse yourself in different cultures, be exposed to history, and maybe learn a little bit of another language. But you can also learn just as much by traveling to different places within your own country. Being in new surroundings can change your perspective of the world and can inspire you.

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Endings and Beginnings

Mattie Bruton

I find it simply unfathomable that I am somehow done with my first year of college already. But strangely, this doesn’t feel as much like an ending to me as a beginning. Why? Because I’ve got a whole slew of new experiences and goals lined up for the months ahead.

This summer, I’m lucky to be working a paid position with the PROs (Pioneers Reaching Out) team! That means that I get to spend my summer months living on campus (free housing!), and working with prospective Transylvania students. Truth is, I’ve loved my experience blogging for you guys so much that I knew I wanted to continue to be involved with helping potential future Pioneers with their college selection process. On the PROs team, I will interact with students interested in Transylvania via a variety of media like emails, phone calls, and even social networking sites. I can’t wait to help out college-searching high school students, and I couldn’t think of a more rewarding summer job.

But working for PROs isn’t the only thing I’ve got planned for my summer. I’ve written in previous blogs about my creative writing interests, and about Lexington’s thriving creative writing community. Unfortunately, however, due to the super-crazy-busy newness of my first year of college, I haven’t dedicated quite as much time as I would have liked to nurturing my creative side- I plan to change that this summer by signing up for Lexington Poetry Month, a yearly event sponsored by Accents Publishing. For the entire month of June, I’ll write a poem every day, which will then be posted on the Accents Publishing website- and if I’m lucky, I could even get published in their yearly anthology. Though I do have some trepidations about my work being up on a website for all to see, these anxieties are nothing compared to the excitement I feel at the prospect of writing poetry again after a long hiatus. Continue reading

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